Publication Portfolio

Publication Portfolio

GAA publishing division combines the best editorial content and focus, with a concentrated, well-researched database, to enable a high distribution. Our online publications and magazines focus on delivering leading edge development news backed up with strategic insights from some of the world’s most advanced, leading and trusted sources.

Our publications include;

Industrialize Africa Outlook

Industrialize Africa Outlook is the manufacturing online publication of Global Attain Advancement. Its outlook on private sector-led investments in industrial transformation, soft and hard commodities, manufactured goods, economic transformation through domestic manufacturing, regional trade, Africa’s producers, structure of global production and exploiting Africa’s opportunities for industrialization. It also highlights manufacturing events across the world which are focus on Africa. It is published semiannual and distributed via GAA networks.

Electrify Africa Review

Electrify Africa Review is a brand under our energy publishing division and it is a trusted online publication that covers leading edge development in the power and energy sector in Africa. Its outlook on Wind, Solar, Biomas, Biogas, Bio Fuels, Green Products, Energy Saving, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, Energy from Waste, Fuel Cell Technologies etc. It is published quarterly and distributed via GAA networks.

Africa Infrastructure Development Review

Africa Infrastructure Development Review is a brand under our construction publishing division and is a trusted online construction news publication that covers leading edge development news in the construction industry in Africa. The publication is done with a variety of cooperative efforts with GAA partners and its outlook on railways, dams, bridges, roads, buildings, airports, facilities, ports, etc. It is published semiannual with and distributed via GAA networks.

Africa Trade and Investment Yearbook

Africa Trade and Investment Yearbook is the flagship publication of Global Attain Advancement. The Yearbook covers trade and investment on our sixteen focus sectors; Infrastructure and Construction, Agriculture & Agribusiness, Logistics and Transportation, Information Technology, Tourism and Hospitality, Telecommunications & ICT, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Power & Energy, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Media & Broadcasting, Consumer Products, Education, Health and Mining. It is the only GAA publication that features non-commercial articles by leading trade and investment experts with a focus on Africa. The yearbook provides resources from trusted sources to exporters and investors with interests in Africa. It is published yearly and highlights the international trade and investment programs offered by Global Attain Advancement.

Trade and Investment World News

Trade and Investment World News is the official biennial magazine of Global Attain Advancement. The Magazine features happenings in the world of trade and investment. It’s main contains are leading edge articles, notable world trade and investment events, excerpts from interviews, resources for global investors and exporters, up-close look at the people and policies that drive global trade and investment, and relevant announcements from all sectors. It is published every two years and distributed at Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS), and World Industrial Conference (WIC).

GAA Monthly Update

GAA Monthly Update is a free specialized monthly publication of Global Attain Advancement LLC that covers trade, investments and development news, upcoming events & trade missions, industry news, featured publications, spotlights, investment insights, multimedia, informative articles and platform improvements. With thousands of circulation, this publication has an outstanding record of credibility and overall success. It is concise and easy-to-read style which allows subscribers to share the publication with their colleagues and community. We welcome submission of related news stories to be feature in the publication.

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