GAA Working Groups

GAA Working Groups

GAA Working Groups (WGs)

The GAA Working Groups (WGs) is a volunteering platform that brings together people to collaborate and achieve a stated objective requiring their particular expertise or time. The Working Groups aimed at studying and reporting for a particular purpose under the sectors that Global Attain Advancement (GAA) operates which include, manufacturing, renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, technology, and construction.

Members of the Working Groups are chosen to focus on major areas under GAA core sectors and produce deliverables (e.g., standards track technical reports, findings recommendations, and reviews of the deliverables of other groups, and creating a report). Members are chosen base on their demonstrated accomplishments and skills to contribute to the Working Group, and each Working Group is led by one or more appointed chairs to perform the administrative functions of the group, and some participants are elected by the Working Group Members, others are appointed by the Working Group Chair.

The members are appointed for a one-year term and upon completion of its goals and achievement of its objectives, the Working Group is terminated but members are subject to reappointment if needed for other projects. Working Groups members support includes travel, accommodation, and per diem. No salary support is provided, and no overhead is allowed. GAA has established eight thematic permanent working groups that will contribute to peer exchange and learn across the partnership. Groups are as follows;

  • Manufacturing Working Group (MWG)
  • Agriculture Working Group (AWG)
  • Construction Working Group (CWG)
  • Technology Working Group (TWG)
  • Renewable Energy Working Group (REWG)
  • Tourism Working Group (TWG)
  • GAA Trade Show Group (TSWG)
  • Marketing Working Group (MWG)
  • Research Working Group (RWG)


Working Groups conduct much of their work over email lists. All WG email lists are open subscription and posting, although most lists moderate posts from non-subscribers. To get involved with a working group, subscribe to the working group’s distribution list here.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the working group and its projects, please contact us at

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