GAA Business Network

GAA Business Network

GAA Business Network consists of our networking groups designed to bring credible people together to meet peers, exchange knowledge, discuss issues, share project(s) information, create linkages and network & built relationships.

Our core groups includes;

  • Manufacturers Club International (MCI)
  • International Investors Group (IIG)
  • Africa Business Group (ABG)
  • Africa Platinum Business Club (APBC)
  • Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs Group (REEG)
  • Construction & Infrastructure Business Group (CIBUG)
  • Properties Owners & Facility Managers Group (POFAMAG)
  • The Solar Energy Platinum Club (TSEPC)
  • GAA Golf Club (GGC)

The above groups are powered by GAA and are part of the GAA Business Network.

For more information’s or if interested in joining any of the above groups, please contact us at

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